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Discover The Library of Journals: Where Stories of the Community Unfold

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Steph T (IG: @stephtcreates) with the community journals from The Library of Journals at 29Rooms Asia Pop-up @ Gardens By The Bay
(Photo taken by Colin Wan, Art Outreach Singapore)

Step into The Library of Journals, where the rebirth of unused old journals unfolds into captivating tales. Together as a community, we can transform these once-unutilised journals into collections of vibrant personal stories. Each page bursts with handwritten letters, vibrant doodles, and heartfelt contributions from the generous souls who have given life to these pages.


Beyond Art: An Invitation to Imagination and Well-being

This installation transcends conventional art spaces. It's a sanctuary that beckons visitors into a world of boundless imagination and well-being.


The carefully crafted journaling prompts are pathways to inner exploration, inviting individuals to articulate their thoughts, dreams, and aspirations on paper.


Through this interactive experience, visitors find themselves immersed in a realm that ignites inspiration and fosters a profound sense of connectedness within the community.

 Illustrated journaling prompts at 29Rooms Asia Pop-up @ Gardens By The Bay

Elevate Your Event: The Library of Journals Experience

Imagine injecting a dose of creativity into your upcoming event. The Library of Journals is more than an installation; it's an opportunity to elevate the attendee experience.


Whether it's a corporate gathering, cultural festival, or community outreach initiative, this unique experience serves as a beacon, drawing individuals together through the shared narratives and collective expressions contained within these transformed journals.

Flexible accommodation to event space for journaling with sharing materials

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Stories Woven Together: Community Collaboration at its Finest

Within these journals lie more than just ink and paper; they encapsulate the essence of communal collaboration.


Each stroke of a pen, every thoughtful word, and playful doodle represents a piece of someone's unique journey.


These journals are a testament to the power of collective storytelling and the celebration of individual voices that resonate within a community.

Steph T (@stephtcreates) engaging visitors to facilitate the journaling experience

Partner With Us: Create Unparalleled Engagement

Partner with us to infuse your event with a unique brand of creativity. Let us craft an experience that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of your attendees. The Library of Journals offers an immersive journey that weaves creativity seamlessly into the fabric of your occasion.

Let the Stories Begin: Join Us in Celebration

Reach out to co-create an unforgettable experience that captivates and inspires. Let's bring the art of storytelling and the magic of community connection to the forefront of your event. Join us, and together, let's embark on this enchanting journey where stories come alive.

Flexible Layout Design: Tailored to Your Event Space

Our installation offers a flexible layout that easily adjusts to your event's needs - be it a smaller setting where you only have a 5m by 3m for a few bar tables and poster stands for instructions, or a whole room where we can include illustrated journaling prompts and decorations to inspire the journaling environment.  Its adaptability ensures seamless integration, from cosy nooks to expansive showcases. This versatile layout ensures a perfect match for your event, creating an inviting space for attendees to explore and immerse themselves in the vibrant stories within.


Steph T (IG: @stephtcreates) engaging community partners through The Library of Journals at CARECarnival 2023 @ Enabling Village
(Photo and Facebook Post by SG Enable 

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