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Let's explore & discover your authentic self!

 I'm Steph T,

I guide people to their inner child through Mindful Art & Positive Journaling, to live life in alignment & fulfilment.

Your Inner Child Lighthouse!

Embark on an Empowering Well-Being Journey through Mindful Art & Positive Journaling 💫 

🌟 Cultivate Mindfulness  

 🎨 Unlock Your Creativity

🧠 Harness Inner Strengths 


Are the demands of life leaving you overwhelmed and disconnected?

Are you seeking moments of meaningful self-care and self-expression?

Are you ready to turn each day into a canvas of purpose & self-discovery?

I had never thought that journaling could be so powerful. This deep and personal experience was a time to categorise my thoughts and discover something within myself.

- Z, Bank Executive


Imagine your empowered journey of well-being where..

Paper Diary

Self-Care becomes a

Paint and Brush

Self-Expression a Canvas,

Reading a Compass

& Self-Discovery a 

Step into a world where each day becomes a canvas of purpose, joy, and meaning through Mindful Art & Positive Journaling - a powerful tool for self-discovery, well-being, and personal growth.


Steph was able to guide me to connect with my emotions and thoughts at a deeper level, my perspective about myself and journaling have absolutely changed!

It was refreshing & I want to book her sessions as regular self-care.

- J, Civil Servant

⚡️ Issues I have Coached my Clients on through my 1:1 Guided Journaling ✍🏻

  • Self-Gaslighting and People-Pleasing

  • Building Resilience to Living a Joyful Life

  • Getting in Touch with Emotions 

  • Triggers and Difficult Emotions 

  • Disappointment (Self & Relationships)

  • Enhancing Parent-Child Relationships

  • Alignment to Life, Meaning, and Purpose 

  • Compassionate Decision-Making 

  • Self-expression for Supressed Individuals

  • Grounding and Mindfulness for Clarity

  • Reparenting for Parentified Individuals

  • Rebuilding Oneself after Abusive Relationships

  • Feeling Dejected in Life and at Work

  • Grieving of People, Business, Dreams, etc

  • Living Life in Alignment with Human Design

💫 Transform Your Life, One Journal Page at a Time
📖 Suitable for Anyone on the Path of Joyful Growth


🔮 Caught in the whirlwind of daily demands?

Rediscover tranquility and mindfulness in our virtual coaching sessions. Choose between a refreshing 60-minute session or an immersive 120-minute deep dive, complete with live guided journaling.


🎨 Craving self-expression and seeking your inner artist?

Through my guidance, learn to infuse authenticity, gratitude, and hope; unlock your inner strengths and explore the captivating realm of self-expression, turning each journaling page into an enchanting adventure.


🔍 Navigating life's twists and turns?

Rediscover your life compass with a precious gift: a character strengths assessment report, firmly rooted in positive psychology, let's decode the results and empower you with the confidence to bravely confront challenges, drawing upon your wellspring of inner resources.


📚 Clarity, Knowledge, Action – Your Pathway to Purposeful Journaling!

With my toolbox of holistic frameworks, fortified by research in positive psychology and coaching results, you will be empowered with actionable steps. Gain profound insights into your inner self, nurturing self-care, self-expression, and self-discovery.


Now, I am able to be creative in documenting moments I love & cherish!

Steph is very caring, up-front, down-to-earth and non judgemental. She is also very encouraging and willing to share how we can better ourselves.

- C, Wordsmith

IMG_4402 2.jpg

With 16 years of teaching experience and a trail of inspired clients, I am your devoted coach. From wellness festivals to corporate workshops, I will be here to illuminate your transformation. Take the step into the world of Mindful Art and Positive Journaling with me!

Reconnect with yourself, seize joy in the present, and unleash your innate strengths. With my dynamic coaching grounded in research and resonating with your heart, your well-being journey is poised to be both enlightening and empowering!


I highly recommend Steph as a guide to reflective journaling, and getting to know oneself better.

I was curious how others might be journaling beyond just writing words. It was refreshing that I could think and answer journaling prompts in different ways than I am used to. 

- Grace, Compliance Executive

📷  Explore Past Journeys: @journalingwithstepht (Instagram)

🎥  Peek Behind the Scenes: @stephtcreates (TikTok & Instagram)

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