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Latest Journaling Activities with Steph T 

Let's explore & discover your authentic self!

Use Visual Journaling to make sense of your inner world of thoughts and feelings with love and compassion, and to find life's answers inside you.


 I'm Steph T,

I guide people to their inner child through Mindful Art & Positive Journaling, to live life in alignment & fulfilment.

Your Inner Child Lighthouse!

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Journaling with Steph T


Exercise freedom of self-expression using your creativity, curiosity and compassion.

- Steph T, Your Inner Child Lighthouse

Make sense of your inner world on paper without noise, resistance, and judgement.

I had never thought that journaling could be so powerful.

I have always thought that it's just writing down our daily lives but I have learned that journaling helps us to retain the good and the bad, memories, experiences, and things we can do better in. This deep and personal experience was a time to categorise my thoughts and discover something within myself.

- Z, Bank Executive


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