Private Bookings (Events & Projects)

Create an interactive experience with your guests and clients with an artist at your event.

Artists services include more than Calligraphy and Engraving on Products, Campaign Collaterals, Gifts and Favours. 

Private Bookings are available for both corporate and individuals.


Event Personlisation
(Retail, Gifts, Services)

Perfect as a Cusomisation-With-Purchase for your clients during your product launches and campaigns

Services may include: Name Calligraphy, Customisation, Engraving Personalisation on your Products and Marketing Collaterals 

Event Personalisation
(Celebrations, Weddings, Birthdays, Press Events, Meetings)

Unique touchpoint for your guests and associates with a customised wedding favours or door gifts for keepsake.

Services may include: Name Calligraphy, Message Personalisation and Engraving Customisations. We work with suppliers to provide gifts & favours as well.


Team Bonding & Client Events
(Lettering, Journaling Workshops)

Popular way to bring interaction within your network through creative activities and lifestyle topics.

Lesson Plan and Material Kits can customisable according to the event's theme and requirements.

Bachelorette & Bridesmaid Party
(Lettering, Journaling, Paper Crafting Workshops)

Insta-worthy decorations and setup for a memorable experience for the bride-to-be and her bridesmaid team.

Lesson Plan, Decorations, Setup and Material Kits are customisable based on preference and requirements.


Birthday Celebrations, Friendship & Family Bonding
(Lettering, Journaling, Paper Crafting Workshops)

Cosy celebration that close-knit people together

Lesson Plan, Location and Material Kits are customisable depending on preference and requirements.

Private 1-to-1 Teaching
(Lettering, Sketching, Journaling)

Ideal for individuals seeking to learn with dedicated attention and customised lesson plans.

Learning topics are highly customisable - Eg. Lifestyle, Productivity, Travel Food, Outdoor. Choice of just one workshop session only or up to a series of 6 to 8 classes. 

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Share _ Inspire _ Empower 🌟_.jpg

Community Talks & Sharings
(Advocation, Panel Discussion)

Adding interactions in the community to bring inspiration and empowerment through my stories and journey.

We believe every event is unique, discuss with us about your event today.